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Frequently Asked Questions

How are the pools at Pure Movement different from regular pools?

Our pools are kept at 92 degrees Fahrenheit and are equipped with underwater treadmills that go up to speeds of 7mph. There are jets that can be turned on and adjusted to add a slight or significant amount of resistance. There are underwater cameras aimed at the treadmill that allow for immediate visual feedback, so that we can adjust your movements, if need be. Within the pool, we have different level platforms. This allows us to challenge your body with different buoyancy forces and weight bearing loads. We also have a large selection of strength and conditioning equipment that we use to assist or challenge your body to aide in your recovery.

What does an assessment in the HydroWorx pool look like?

We always do a physiotherapy assessment in the clinic prior to getting you in the pools. We want to make sure that the pool is going to be appropriate for you and that you do not have any contraindications that would restrict you from entering the pool. When you call to make your initial assessment, express that you are interested in the pool and we will do our best to get you in there for the last part of your first visit.

What chemicals are used in the HydroWorx pools?

We use bromine as our source of sanitizer, oxidizer and algaecide. It is gentler on the skin than chlorine.

What do I wear and bring to my appointment?

For your initial assessment, wear something athletic and loose-fitting so that the physiotherapist can access any area they need to assess.

If you are getting in the pools, please bring a bathing suit or clothes that allow you to move easily in the pool (nothing too loose-fitting or cotton which will weigh you down). A pair of sandals or crocs are recommended to wear in the change room and out on the pool deck. Please also bring a towel, although if you forget we do have some here!

Is the clinic accessible?

Yes, we have a ramp to enter the clinic, our bathrooms and showers are fully accessible, and we have a motorized lift that will take you up onto the pool deck and safely lower you down into the water if needed.

Do we bill insurance companies directly?

We bill to Blue Cross for Veterans directly, but otherwise, we do not bill to private insurance companies through work benefits. We do, however, bill automobile insurance companies when you have been injured in a car accident; but, in accordance with accident benefits guidelines, you must use all of your work benefits before using your automobile insurance, if you have work coverage.